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Photographer Job Description

“We are Enough” is seeking a talented, energetic, and creative photographer to partner with us for an upcoming destination event in 2020 to capture our very special women’s only retreat. We are looking for a creative individual (or team) to donate their time and services for our event. This event covers three days with a pre-determined schedule of activities for attendees.

The ideal person for this role should be familiar with the aspects of event photography and be able to convey emotion and feeling in the images they capture. While there may be some opportunity for posed photos, or groups of attendees that desire small group photos, we desire a photographer that can tell the story candidly through their work. Images will be shown to our attendees’ post event, and used by our organization on our website, social media, and future marketing materials. Beyond the shot list, the photographer must be able to think on their feet, capturing photos as the weekend evolves and situations present themselves.

While our retreat provides a laid-back environment that focuses on the experience of the attendee, the photographer will have a busier schedule. The weekend will require images be taken before attendees arrive, during some setup process, registration, and throughout the entire retreat. A detailed schedule of the retreat will be provided to the photographer along with a required shot list that must be accomplished for our event, sponsors, and donors.

Photographer will provide their own photo equipment and anticipate working with varied lighting, spaces, indoors, outdoors, and unknown weather conditions for that time of year.

In order to allow our attendees to see, share, and talk about their experience in the days and weeks following the retreat, the photographer must be able to provide the edited, full-resolution photos within 21 business days. In some cases, to be pre-discussed prior to the event, some images may need to be expedited.

Candidate for the position will be required to submit an online portfolio or website gallery that showcases similar work for consideration. The interview process will be conducted via web and/or phone conference.

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